Lansing Police Spring Cleaning

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Lansing Police say they're doing their part to arrest the 3,700 parents in Ingham County who aren't paying child support. This weekend, special patrols went after top offenders, some owing nearly $60,000 in back payments.

They arrested 12 of those offenders. One man, 25-year-old Dabresch Scates was caught after a high-speed chase. Police called the chase off, but Scates crashed into two other cars. No one was seriously injured.

Scates owes nearly $25,000 in child support. Police also arrested him for eluding and fleeing police, a felony.

Failure to pay child support is a misdemeanor offense. One that police say is difficult to enforce. They say many they catch have been arrested several times for failure to pay. Oftentimes released on small amounts of bond. Dead-beat parents owe $65 million in payment in Ingham County.

Special patrols also targeted areas such as stores and housing complexes where drug use and sales is suspected. Police say they will continue to bring dead-beat parents to justice.