Extreme Makeover Home Edition Comes To Holt

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It's a new beginning for the Nickless family of Holt.

"I can't believe this is happening," Arlene Nickless said as she fought back tears. "It's my wildest dreams come true and most of all my best dreams for my boys."

It hasn't been easy for the Nickless family this year. Arlene's husband, Tim, died last January after a 7-year battle with Hepatitis-C. Tim was a nurse and was accidentally stuck with an infected needle while on the job.

"It's been really difficult, wondering what's going to be ahead of us. Wondering financially if we're going to make it. Whether we were going to have to let go of the house and where we were going to go next. We just had no idea."

It was the couple's dream home. They planned to fix it up but once Tim got sick those plans changed.

"As he got sicker, the house also seemed to be getting sicker. Since he's passed away it's been declining quickly."

The dining room floors are sinking, the basement floods and the electrical work is a fire hazard.

But eight months after Tim's passing, Extreme Makeover Home Edition came calling.

"This season's all about heroes and he was a hero," said new cast member Rib Hillis. "It was a dream of his to take care of his family and provide for them and that's kind of where we come in."

Even for the cast members who have worked tirelessly over the past few years on the show, some families still hit close to home.

"I lost my dad when i was four years old," said designer Michael Moloney. "I was the youngest of three boys so i really feel for this family. What they're going through right now, that loss."

Arlene and her sons Aaron, Noah, and Andrew now head to Disney World before coming home to a new house next week. It'll be a bitter sweet day, but one they say they'll never forget.

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