Falling Overboard

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A Lansing man is recovering after falling from a cruise ship and spending 17 hours in the Gulf of Mexico.

A passing cargo vessel rescued 31-year-old Tim Sears on Sunday evening, 50 miles off the Texas coast.

In a newspaper interview, Sears said he didn't remember falling from the "Celebration."

"I dog-paddled, I backstroked, I floated. I just did everything I could think of," Sears said.

The Coast Guard says Sears was picked up by the "Eny," a Maltese-flagged cargo ship delivering copper to Port Arthur, Texas. Crew members spotted Sears waving a yellow tee-shirt.

Sears' cabinmate didn't know he'd fallen overboard until the cruise ship's captain was told of the rescue. Sears met his friend in Galveston, Texas, when the "Celebration" returned Thursday from its five-day cruise.