Cold Cases Still Unsolved

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Since they first convened in 2003, the Ingham County Cold Case Task Force has made arrests in three cases.

With an arrest in the 38-year-old murder of Sally Sue Mercer now behind them, there are two cases they specifically appealed to the public for help on now.

The first is the 2000 murder of Piper Gardner. She was found dead in her bathtub, struck in the head. The sheriff's office arrested a man they believed to be her boyfriend at the time. A judge threw the case out before it got to trial.

They are also working hard right now on the murder of Bonnie Van Valkenburg. She was found dead in her home on Aurelius Road in 1986.

They say new technology and the time that's passed have helped them zero in on their mistakes the first time and start this case anew. They have cleared a suspect and have new suspects today.

They are also investigating the 1970 murder of Marie Jackson. She was found dead off Sandhill Road near Michigan State University.