64-Slice CT Scan

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Getting on to the new 64-Slice CT Scan table is a little strange at first. But once the process begins, it's almost like riding a ride at an amusement park. It's the newest device at the Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute. And the technology is the latest advancement in the detection of cardiovascular diseases.

"We can truly tell you in less than ten seconds what your arteries look like. We give you views of your heart function."

The 3-D images allow cardiologists, like Dr. Matt Wilcox, to find plaque and build up in the heart that may not have been visible in previous procedures like the stress test.

"Unfortunately about half the people show up with a heart attack never having had a symptom before. And now we’re able to localize these people who are at high risk with this new advance."

It's also a lot quicker than other scans. It lasts just about ten seconds, but provides crystal clear pictures. And unlike catherizations, it's non-invasive.

"With a 16-Slice CT Scan, it would be between a 15 and 20 second breath hold. And that's quite prohibitive on older patients who are more at risk for cardiac disease."

While it may be a bit claustrophobic for some, it's worth the discomfort, especially if you want to make sure your heart is in tip top shape.

"Truly in that little time frame you're able to tell people what their risk is."

The price of the 64-Slice CT Scan depends on the specific type of procedure. For more information you can contact the Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute at 517-483-7550.