Pleading for their jobs

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Employees and supporters turned out to the Lansing School District's public meeting on the upcoming budget to ask that their jobs be spared.

Food service employees begged the district to reconsider privatizing their positions.

Teachers from North Elementary, which has both special and regular education, asked their assistant principal not be laid because of those special kids' needs.

And the grandfather of a second grader asked that his grandson's teacher not be let go. Going into that young teacher's class, his grandson could barely read. Now, he's on par with every other student.

But, enrollements are down, forcing the job eliminations.

Nothing is final, yet. 100 teachers have received lay off notifications so far. While many will retain their jobs... many will not. Likely, neither will many in the food service, administration and teachers.

The budget is likely to be voted on a finalized at the school district's June 15 meeting.