Combat Stress

Stress and worry are real issues confronting our troops today. They're dealing with battle and the uncertainty of when they can go home.

Dr. Mike Deeken is a psychiatrist who helps troops cope with all of the stress of serving during a war. He says many military members are seeing their first combat ever.

Making sure troops are emotionally ready is his specialty, not just as a psychiatrist but as an army colonel as well.

Deeken says when there's constant battle, bullets and bombs and no chance to really get proper rest, that's when we start worrying about soldiers having a psychological breakdown.

But there is help available. Each division has trained medical staff, including a psychiatrist and a social worker to help troops deal with stress on the front lines.

Rest, food, and counseling Deeken says are usually enough to get them back in action after a couple days.

Dr. Deeken also cautions about concerns in the home front. He says soldiers want to know that their families are safe and stable. That's why encouraging words from family and friends are so important.