Felony Arraignments in E. L. Melees

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Three Michigan State University students were arraigned Saturday.

Kimberly Martin, Ian Bailey and Brian Balamucki were arraigned on felony charges in connection with last month's incidents in East Lansing following NCAA basketball tournament games.

Ingham County prosecutors are calling Martin, 19, a ringleader in the melees. She is being charged with three felonies, including inciting a riot and destruction of property. She is accused of helping to over-turn a Dodge Neon and vandalizing vending machines. She is also facing a misdemeanor arson charge.

Martin is being held on $25,000 bond. She was caught after posting her involvement in an online journal.

Bailey and Balamucki are both charged with two felonies, including destruction of property and rioting. If convicted, all could face a ban on attending a public university for at least a year. Bond was set at $10,000 for Bailey and Balamucki.

Prosecutors say they are not going to go easy on those charged with crimes in last month's incidents just because they're students. At least $40,000 in damage was done when fans took to the streets, lit fires and tipped over several cars after Spartan games in the NCAA tournament.

Police have issued six felony arrest warrants so far. One man is awaiting arraignment, expected on Sunday. Police are still looking for two others. And police are still reviewing video and photographs for people involved.