Local Iraqis Celebrate Fall of Saddam Statue

Statue Topples
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"I wish I could put this in words," said Rasul Mahdi. "It's the best feeling ever."

Mahdi, a Lansing Community College student who fled from Baghdad, Iraq five years ago, says he watched the fall of Saddam Hussein's statue on television.

It was a statue he passed dozens of times while he lived in the capital city. He says he wishes he could've been in Baghdad to partake in the celebrations that followed.

"If I would've been there," he said, "I would love to hammer one of those statues."

Mahdi says he and several other local Iraqis are planning more celebrations - possibly this weekend. He says he plans to return to Baghdad as soon as he can, and he wants to visit some of Saddam Hussein's palaces and other previously forbidden landmarks.