Holland Trial Update

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It's a proceeding that's not scheduled until September 11th, but already the trial for the Williamston couple accused of murdering their 7 year old son Ricky Holland is front and center.

The judge denied a request for change of venue in court Tuesday. The Hollands attornies argued the media publicity of statements that won't be admissible in court make it hard to find a fair jury. They also say the general "disgust" for the clients and the community involvement in the story of their son give them grave concerns.

Prosecutor Mike Ferency emphasizes the standard is a "fair jury" and not "an ignorant one." Judge Paula Manderfield says they will at least attempt to seat a jury in Ingham County.

She also rules the couple will have two separate juries but one trial. That is also a tentative ruling, depending on the apparent length of a trial when it becomes near.

Also Tuesday, the county drops charges of filing a false police report and obstruction of justice. Ferency says the obstruction of justice is still under investigation, and hints someone other than the Hollands may also be charged.