School Budget Changes

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A Republican-controlled state House panel is expected this week to announce its changes to Gov. Granholm's spending plan for public schools in the upcoming fiscal year.

The House Appropriations K-12 Subcommittee's proposal is expected to vote on the school aid budget Tuesday in Lansing.

Representative John Moolenaar is a Midland Republican who is the chairman of the subcommittee.

He expects the subcommittee to agree with Granholm's plan to give every school district at least $6,700 per student for the upcoming school year.

However, Moolenaar said some subcommittee members had a number of concerns with Granholm's proposal for the overall $12 billion school aid budget.

He says the subcommittee may increase the flexibility of funding for at-risk students so schools can use the dollars to offset cuts in Granholm's spending plan.

The committee also may change:

  • Granholm's proposal to replace nearly $200 million from the general fund for the school aid budget with money from a revenue sharing reserve account.

  • The governor's plan to save $40 million by changing the formula schools use to calculate their enrollment.