Staying Safe on the Highway

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If and when you travel on the highway, you know eventually you'll run right into a section where traffic merges into one another. A section that can be dangerous if you or another driver aren't paying attention.

Deputy Tryon Calkins of the Ingham County Sheriff's Department says, "Radios, cell phones, eating, anything they can do going down the road to save time takes their mind off the road and contributes to accidents."

Just last Monday a rollover happened along I-96 near Webberville. It occurred after one car attempted to merge into traffic and another tried to switch lanes. The exact same thing happened Saturday afternoon on I-94 near Blackman Township.

"Most people aren't aware of their surroundings when they're going down the road and change lanes without doing a head check and checking their mirrors and knowing where the traffic is around them."

Merging sections of the highway can be extremely dangerous, especially when cars are traveling at such high speeds. So it's vital to check your blindspots before switching lanes.

"Attempt to move over. If there's traffic in the area and isn't allowing you to move over, just simply slow down and let the other vehicle in."

Bottom line, if you're on the road get rid of distractions. Because it's not just about your safety, but the safety of others as well.

"100 percent of your attention should be devoted to your driving."

If you ever find yourself forced onto the median because of merging traffic, don't over-correct. Over-correcting causes rollovers. Instead you should keep driving on the median until you regain control.