Saturn Dealers Psyched for Outlook

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Since its inception a decade and half ago, Saturn was the company of the midsize sedan.

And then there was the Saturn Outlook. It's one of five new vehicles Saturn’s releasing under the motto, "Like always, Like never before."

"It's considered a truck," says Sherrill Freeborough, owner of the Saturn dealerships in mid-Michigan. "For us, having small cars all these years, it's very exciting."

She says it's the largest vehicle they've ever sold. With room for eight passengers with two bench seats, she compares the interior to a Suburban. The outside looks smaller though, built on a car chassis.

Unlike the Enclave, which will replace two Buick SUVs when it comes out next year, the Outlook will enhance the Saturn line. The Vue will remain on lots, and the Outlook will aim for a more affluent buyer.

"I know it's not gonna be under 30 [thousand], definitely, I think closer to the 40 range," Freeborough says. Saturn confirms that as a "most likely" price.

Even still, "like always," Saturn assures, they'll take a no-haggling, customer-first approach to selling it.

Speaking of selling it, Freeborough says they're already doing that, even six months before the crossover will hit the lot. They've been approached by a number of people who'd like to pre-order an Outlook.

"The excitement is just unbelievable for us.”