MSU Helps with Hoffa Investigation

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"The forensics program at MSU is very strong."

When trying to solve a mystery as well known as the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance, it's vital the FBI use the best of the best when trying to discover the truth. And just a little more than an hour away from the latest search for the former teamsters boss, is one of the oldest forensics science programs in the country.

According to the Chair of MSU's Department of Anthropology, Dr. Lynne Goldstein, "Unlike other places that have one person who does DNA and one person who studies forensic pathology, we have people who study almost all aspects of forensics."

Jimmy Hoffa vanished in 1975, and since then, what happened to him has stumped authorities. A recent tip from a 75-year-old inmate housed in a Kentucky prison led officials to Hidden Dreams Farm in Milford Township. For the past few days the FBI has been digging around the property hoping to find Hoffa's remains. And they invited two MSU anthropologists as well as one archaeologist to help out.

"It's not so much that it's an honor. I think it's more of a question that we have the skills to be able to help them find it, if it's there. We have the skills to help them find what they're looking for."

The FBI says the new information is the best lead they've had in a long time. But whether or not the Hoffa riddle will be solved is still up in the air. The investigation is expected to last for at least the next couple of weeks.