"Da Vinci" Code Controversy?

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It is easily the most anticipated movie of the season, based on a big book, with big stars and big ideas that many say debunk the very fabric of Christianity.

The book and movie contend Jesus married Mary Magdalene, and together, they had a child. Their descendants, it says, are protected by a secret society whose members are some of the most important people in history and culture, among then, you guessed it, Leonardo Da Vinci.

"I'll go see the movie because lots of my parishioners will," Rev. Carol Mader, of Saint Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church in Mason. She's also a professor of world religion at Lansing Community College.

She says, "As far as the church is concerned, we deal with what's in the Bible and Mary Magdalene and Jesus weren't married," but even still, "If the church is open about conversation on culture, then it brings people to church to ask "What's the story on this?"

Critics of the movie didn't find much company among moviegoers at Celebration Cinema in Lansing after its second showing.

"I believe what the Bible says, and everything else I just look at for entertainment value," says movie-goer Houston Kennedy.

The Catholic Diocese of Lansing offers a Web site that debunks "The Da Vinci Code."