Job Banks Recalled

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Last year, at times, the Salvation Army had 15 GM workers, paid 40 hours a week by the auto company, doing anything and everything for their organization.

Today, they have two.

Many of the jobs the Jobs Banks folks did are now going to have to be put in the budget. It's happening to non-profits all over Lansing as GM recalls its Jobs Banks.

Charities got a letter at the beginning of the month that says the entire bank, about 1,500 workers, according to UAW president Art Baker, will be called back in phases to train for work in the plant.

"It's an opportunity for them to come back to work, replace workers who are taking buyouts," Baker says.

What's more, he says, those placements will likely be permanent.

"As I’ve been tracking numbers, it's my expectation that the Jobs Bank in Lansing for the most part will be eliminated."

The Salvation Army commander says they are grateful to GM for the time they had their volunteers, but now, Major Robert Scott says, they must face a hard reality. They hope, ideally, they can find replacement volunteers.

"Garnering them is going to be the issue because so many other organizations are going to be doing that as well," Scott says.