Reward Money in East Lansing Mayhem

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Individuals with pictures and footage of people engaged in criminal activity during this weekend's East Lansing mayhem, or those who may be able to supply information that could lead to an arrest may be considered for a financial reward.

The City of East Lansing and Michigan State University may pay a combined $50,000 total in reward money. Both say they'll find ways to pay for the rewards despite tight budget times.

Terry Denbow, a Michigan State University spokesperson, says the university has a contingency fund that's set up to track down people engaged in criminal activity.

Ted Staton, the East Lansing City Manager, says the city may try to recover the costs of funding the rewards when people are arrested and prosecuted.

The Michigan State University and East Lansing police will soon be posting pictures and videos on their Websites for identification purposes.

Those Web sites can be reached by logging on to: