Bravo Open; Illness Confirmed as Norovirus

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The sign on the door says come on back, even while the headline blasts the news: The people who got sick after eating at Bravo are suing.

A Seattle law firm that specializes in food safety, Marler Clark, LLC, filed a civil action on behalf of Pattie McNiel.

"While we don't think people were intentionally poisoned, we believe there was a breakdown somewhere," explains Drew Falkenstein of Marler Clark.

The firm has spoken with several possible clients already, and like they did in the recent Carrabbas case, they plan to represent as many as they can.

"It is our firm’s position that everybody needs to be compensated."

Meanwhile, the health department says the number of cases of illness from Bravo is stabilized at 360. Lab testing Tuesday confirms their suspicion that it was the norovirus those people were sick with.

They cleared the company to re-open under the supervision of an outside consultant for one week.

A spokesperson for Bravo says the lawsuit is a shame. The company has a number for sick patrons to call for compensation. They encourage people to get lost wages and medical costs through them.

That number is 1-800-328-7761.