Michigan's Border

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"Sometimes we forget Canada is a foreign country," explains 1st Lt. Chuck Loader, Michigan State Police section commander on Homeland Security.

The back and forth between Michigan and Canada is so easy, so common, the idea of illegal crossing doesn't even cross most Michiganians' minds.

It's true, Michigan is no Texas, but our border is a different kind of security risk.

"We've placed technology in the last few years to scan almost all cars that cross the border so no one can do harm to the United States," says Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton.

Michigan's coast is more than 700 miles of international border. That's a longer border than any other state that borders Canada, and for better or worse, every inch of it is water.

Is it easier or harder to police? Loader says it's different.

It means there is no quick way for immigrants into Michigan. It also means, everyday is a race to keep up with potential terrorists.

"I think significant progress has been made," Loader says. "A lot of security pieces put in place. We've seen an increase in border patrol personnel."

Congressman Mike Rogers says those efforts move in the right direction. “We’re not exactly where we wanna go on that, but we're getting there."

So too, he says, do the president's efforts to secure our border to the South.

In terms of that plan, Rogers says there are National Guardsmen available to go to Mexico from Michigan, but it's unlikely they'd be sent so far from home.