High Gas Costs & Floral Deliveries

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Just like the constant rain that's been pouring outside lately, customers have been flowing in to B/A Florist in East Lansing. And it's just in time for Mother's Day and prom. But the hustle and bustle isn't contained indoors. It trickles outside where the delivery trucks are loaded and ready to roll.

Employee Laurie VanArk says, "I think people acknowledge gas being what it is. You can't have free delivery. It costs us to make a delivery. So we have no choice but to share that burden."

It's especially true now that gas prices are at a record high nationwide, about $.70 more than the same time last year. According to LansingGasPrices.com, the area's paying between $2.89 and $3.00 a gallon. Owner of B/A's Florist, Barb Hollowick, says it's frustrating.

"Nobody wants to pay high prices for anything. But it's reflected in the freight cost of everything in our lives, whether it's a loaf of bread delivered by a truck or something flown in on a plane."

But VanArk says most people understand. "Every once in a while we get someone who's from a very small town where they don't charge a delivery charage, and they're shocked by the fact that we have a delivery charge, but that's really not the norm."

In fact most florists charge a delivery fee. So it's nothing new. And B/A Florist's at $8.95 is standard.

"Everyone's looking for ways to decrease prices and still maintain a good level of business and be fair to customers and so on."

In the meantime things will continue to be business as usual. Because despite high gas prices, the shop will just have to ride with the waves.