Preparedness Successful Weapon

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East Lansing, Michigan State University, and Meridian Township Police, as well as Ingham County Sheriffs were on patrol Sunday night when Spartan basketball fans got rowdy in the streets. At least 200 officers were on the streets, and police say that made all the difference in controling the crowds.
East Lansing Police Chief Louis Muhn says Sunday's crowd was more destructive than the crowd that partied in the street after Friday's NCAA game. At least seven were arrested Sunday for disorderly conduct, and in some cases, resisting arrest. MSU officials say $40,000 in damages were done on campus. Several fires were started, and at least three cars tipped over. Police used gas to disperse the crowd.
East Lansing and MSU police have a nationally recognized plan to handle riots. They say that training and preparedness is the most effective weapon when dealing with situations such as this.