Council Votes Budget Balancing Proposal Through

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Lansing City council members pass a budget balancing proposal, but Mayor Virg Bernero says he may veto it.

Council voted seven to one Friday on a proposal pitched as a combination of two other proposals proposed earlier this week. Kathie Dunbar cast the only no vote.

Under this hybrid proposal, 34-38 jobs would be added back in and every department would face a 1 to 1.5 percent cut. Salaries would be exempt from the cuts and changes to Police and Fire budgets would be figured differently. The new jobs would be funded by using somewhere around $1,000,000 from rainy day reserves allocated to balance the current budget.

Brian Jeffries, Vice President of the Lansing City Council, calls the proposal a compromise adding money will actually be going back into the reserves under the new proposal.

Mayor Virg Bernero calls it confusing and says excluding salaries from the cuts will gut operations and hurt city services.