More Campus Commotion

Michigan State University's loss Sunday in the NCAA tournament was followed by more commotion on campus. Eight people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

A crowd of about 2,000 people poured into the streets around the Cedar Village apartment complex. Many of them began moving toward downtown East Lansing, they were met by a well-organized force of police officers dressed in riot gear. The crowd was diverted into the campus area and then back towards the apartment complex.

Tear gas was used on at least two occasions. Once, to disperse the crowd that had gathered around a small fire that had been set along Grand River Avenue and another time to break up a crowd trying to dismantle a bus stop.

Before the commotion ended four cars were overturned and some vending machines were damaged, but there were no injuries reported.

Of the eight people arrested, six are identified as MSU students.

MSU president Peter McPherson called the disturbance "outrageous" during an interview the State News Sunday night. He also said he was "disappointed."