Medicare D Deadline Looms

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Secretary Michael Levitt is touring the country in a bus to help sign-seniors up.

There are still about a half million eligible in Michigan. After the Monday deadline, they'll be accessed a late fee to join. Leavitt says he's particularly looking to touch people who are 65, but are healthy and not on meds. He says those people think they shouldn't sign up, but if they don't, they will be accessed that fee once they are ready.

He's also asking all of us to help remind the elderly in our community to enroll.

There's a lot of criticism the plan is confusing. The Secretary takes that on too.

"What we're clearly finding is that what keeps costs down is people having choices," Leavitt says of the 41 options in Michigan. "When the drug plans compete for their business, that brings costs down and quality up."

Call 1-800-MEDICARE to sign up or go to < a href=>