East Lansing Prepares for More "Celebration"

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East Lansing Police and Michigan State University officials say they are prepared for more fan activity following Sunday's NCAA basketball game. They met Saturday to plan, following celebrations in the streets after the Spartans beat Maryland.

After Friday night's win, thousands of fans took to the street. Eighteen arrests were made for disorderly conduct, fifteen of them MSU students. One student, a 21-year-old woman from Wyoming, MI is in the hospital after she fell more than 15-feet off a ledge. Police say her injuries are severe. Fans got unruly after the win, throwing beer bottles and burning t-shirts. This is the first time since 2000 that fans have displayed this kind of behavior.

MSU officials say they are urging fans to act appropriately. They say negative behavior reflects poorly on the accomplishments of the basketball team. The school can take action against students who behave inappropriately, even off-campus.

East Lansing is planning on staffing more police officers for MSU's game against the University of Texas Sunday evening.