Overnight Construction Likely for Saginaw Highway

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MDOT officials want to resurface a stretch of Saginaw Highway on both sides of I-69 from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Local officials appear ready to let the project go forward.

It's part of a larger resurfacing project along the highway from Canal Road in Delta Township to Jenne Street in Grand Ledge.

Nearby residents who use the road to get most everywhere are taking it in stride.

"A little concerned but we'll make it," one Grand Ledge woman told us.

Delta Township Supervisor Joe Drolett sees the situation similarly.

"There's no convenient time to re-do a major road," Drolett said.

The "re-doing" starts at the southern tip of Grand Ledge, continuing four and a half miles to Canal, just east of I-69, in Delta Township.

For a smaller stretch, from Canal west to Broadbent, state transportation officials want to do the construction at night. MDOT proposes undertaking the project from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., to avoid morning and evening rush hours.

Drolett says he and the trustees on the township board are willing to go along.

"It's safer for everybody, for the pedestrians and the workers," Drolett said.

One potential overnight construction concern is the nighttime noise. Drolett says he doesn't expect it to be a major problem in the largely commercial area.

"They find out the noise isn't what it's cracked up to be," he said.

Further down the road in Grand Ledge, people we talked with living just a block away from the highway are willing to put up with any noise or traffic tie-ups in exchange for a better road.

"Let's get it done. Let's do it right. And then we don't have to pay for it later with problems," a Grand Ledge man told us.

That's just how Drolett sees it. Still, the Saginaw project is piled onto a list of other projects in his community this summer.

"This is the summer of difficulty in Delta Township. But once it's done, it's all done," Drolett said.

The other delta construction projects are along Willow and Mount Hope highways.

It all makes for a potentially tough drive east or westbound through the township this summer, day or night.