The Future of the Lansing City Market

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Kent Schuette with Urban Management Group evaluated the Lansing City Market ten years ago. He says, while there has been drastic improvement, there could still be more.

He says the market needs to work more closely with both the Lansing Center and nearby Olds Park.

John Decker, an 11 year vendor at the Lansing City Market, says they need to attract more vendors... espcially local produce vendors.

The market is paid for by city tax dollars, but doesn't generate any tax revenue in return. It also sits on valuable riverfront property. So, it's important it get as close to self-sufficiencey as possible.

It does seem to be headed in that direction. While it isn't currently making a profit, in the last three years it's financial loss has gone from 125-thousand dollars to 40-thousand.

Carol Wood with the Lansing City Council says, while she's not in favor of selling the property, she would like to see some kind of development in or around the market.