The City of Lansing is Hiring

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For the past several years, the City of Lansing has been cutting jobs, but now it's looking to hire about 40 people at next week's job fair.

Terri Taylor, the city's Human Resources Director said it's a combination of a recovering economy and the usual reasons jobs become available that have led to so many open positions.

"We had past budget cuts as well that caused us to delay in the hiring process. Now that the economy is back up and getting better, we're able to now fill those positions that have long been waiting to be filled," Taylor explained.

Taylor said the participating city departments are working together to fund the fair. "Each department will contribute a certain dollar amount for the job fair to advertise that position within their department, so it's a culmination of all the city departments working together."

The three-day event begins Tuesday, but Edythe Hatter-Williams, CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works, said there are several ways a good candidate can prepare ahead of time.

"Because they've listed the different departments that are looking for potential employees, I would certainly go on and if you can, go into each of those departments, to learn a little bit more about each of those departments and what they do," said Hatter-Williams.

Available positions include maintenance, customer service and accountants, among others.

HR Director Taylor said not all require a college diploma. "We do have equivalencies on a lot of our positions, so if you don't have an education, your experience is also going to be reviewed as well."

If you're interested, the event begins Tuesday, August 26th, with a mandatory application process at the Lansing Center.

For more information on the fair, visit the city's website at