Grand Ledge Remembers Jason Plite

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Senior Airman Jason Plite is being remembered as an excellent member of the Grand Ledge community. Plite, along with five others, died Sunday when their U.S. Pave Hawk helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan. They were on their way to evacuate two Afghani children who needed medical attention.

Plite graduated from Grand Ledge High School in 1999. Teachers say he was an outstanding student and leader. He was a captain of the swim team and enjoyed mountain biking. One of his true passions was art. Grand Ledge coffee house Perk Up display's one of Plite's murals. Friends say he was always one of the guys and will never be forgotten.

Plite enlisted in the air force after graduation. He planned on serving his country and returning to the area as a fireman or paramedic. He was selected to attend the U.S.A.F Special Forces training camp and became a pararescueman. He was one of six out of 77 to graduate the Special Forces training. Friends say he loved serving his country.

Sunday's helicopter crash is believed to be an accident, but is under investigation.