Diversity Celebration

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The event kicked off with an interfaith prayer. But it wasn't long before the tranquil room errupted into a party. Lansing's first diversity celebration called, "Win the Day," drew more than 1,000 people. According to organizers that was their main goal. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says it was a positive event designed to counter the Neo-Nazi rally downtown.

"They wanted to give us a black-eye today. What they're trying to do is divide this community, and we have united. They have done nothing but unite us."

People of all kinds of races came together. They enjoyed each other's company while sampling ethnic foods, listening to music, and watching a variety of entertainers. Donovan Brittain of Lansing came with his wife and two daughters. He says the day allowed him and his family to celebrate a melting pot of differences.

"The fact my kids can take in and see all around them people of different races all playing together and having fun and socializing in one day, makes it all worthwhile."

For many folks the day was indeed a success. It was a time filled with fun, but more importantly a time to show future generations diversity is what makes the world a beautiful place.