Jackson Cops Shoot Suspect

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"I heard two shots," says Patricia Ann McBride.

"When I came out, I saw the lady lying on the ground," says Brenda Whiteaker.

Both neighbors describe the end of what police say began as a domestic assault. They responded to a home on Steward Street in Jackson to find 50-year-old Theresa Cram with a knife, chasing a roommate around the duplex set aside for mentally ill patients.

Jackson Police Chief Ervin Portis says Cram charged their Officer Maria Medina with a knife held high over her head. He says both Officer Medina and another officer on scene felt Medina's life was in jeopardy. They each fired.

"Bottom line, you have to use what force is necessary to defend your own life," Portis says.

Neighbors, watching as police investigate Wednesday, question both the living arrangement, and the way one life came to an end.

"They could've got her in the leg, or maced her or something. They did not have to brutally kill her like that," McBride says.

The police confirm they've twice had contact with the victim, Theresa Cram. They say, as do neighbors, they knew this house well

"They are always calling the police on each other," Whiteaker says.

The Michigan State Police have already taken over the investigation. JPD will conduct an administrative investigation as well. Both officers involved will work desk jobs under those reviews are complete.

Jackson police officers do not carry tasers.