Recycling Makes Cents

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Creating thousands of new jobs here in Michigan is as simple as recycling, at least that's what new research shows.

The research, done by Public Sector Consultants for the Michigan Recycling Partnership, will be used to build support for the "Recycling Makes Cents" plan.

The research shows recycling programs are underfunded when compared to neighboring Great Lakes states and by charging consumers one penny for retail purchases over $2.00, enough money will be collected to fund recycling programs. The new programs could create anywhere from 7,000 to 13,000 jobs says Bill Rustem, President of Public Sector Consultants.

Mary Dechow, Chair of the Michigan Recycling Partnership, says $40 million dollars would be collected annually. Half of the money would be available in the form of matching grants for local governments, 40% would be seed money for new recycling programs and the remaining 10% would be used for litter reduction and education.

The "Recycling Makes Cents" plan has been introduced in the House, no hearing has been set yet.