Jackson County MEAP Mistake?

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They say the MEAP scores lump kids into subcategories they don't belong in. For example, a number of students were misidentified as Special Ed. The district says those mistakes would mean lower grades on the state report cards, and possibly, stop them from making adequate yearly progress.

They've identified trouble at Dibble Elementary and at Frost Elementary. They say it could be more widespread.

They plan to appeal if there's a problem, but in this era of schools of choice, JPS is worried about what parents are thinking while they are making enrollment decisions.

"Some of them look at that report card and say this is a D building. I'm not sending my kid to a D building; I want them in an A or B building. That's what going to happen," says Assistant Superintendent Dr. Roxana Hopkins.

The Michigan Department of Education confirms there were mistakes on scoring, through a private vendor called Pearson Educational Measurement. They say it affects more than just Jackson, but all will be corrected in time for AYP and school report cards. They'll be released later this spring.