Katrina Dog Returns Home

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Greta Hardin of the Capital Area Humane Society was one of several locals who traveled to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina hit. Little did she know a familiar face would follow her to Lansing just a couple of weeks later.

"I did her paperwork intake. And when I came here, back home, we went to the animal lodge where they were housed and I recognized her intake form."

There she was, the miniature pincher Greta had previously seen while helping out down south.

"She jumped right into my arms and I couldn't stop thinking about her. She had chemical burns on her back and was looking pretty pathetic and frail."

Eleven-year-old "Nana" survived three weeks before being rescued. Just like many other pets, she was shipped to another state when her owner couldn't be located. And since October, she's made herself at home with Greta and her large brood that includes three other dogs and seven cats.

"She fits right in. She's great with my cats and doesn't care if they're around unless it's people food. Then she's a little more aggressive."

However her stay is slowly coming to an end because her owner has been found. So Nana, who's real name is Pookie, is headed back to the Big Easy.

"I'm anxious to reunite her with her owner. But there's a part of me that's going to miss her. She's with me all the time, and it's like giving up one of my pets."

But Greta knows the tears she may shed won't last forever. It's the memories that will. As for Nana, she'll always have a place in Mid-Michigan she can call her, home away from home.