Still No Vote on Gas Tax

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The senate has yet to vote on a house bill that would raise the gas tax in an attempt to raise more than $1 billion to fix Michigan's roads.

Proposed legislation would implement a 7 percent wholesale tax -- roughly 19 cents a gallon -- which would be raised to 15 percent by 2019 -- roughly 41 cents a gallon.

Anything passed by the senate would have to go back to the house for reconciliation before the Governor slaps his signature on it.

An amendment asking voters to instead increase the sales tax by one percent was defeated, falling 12 votes short.

Bills to raise money by imposing higher fees on heavy trucks and eliminating discounts on registration fees also failed.

The senate did almost unanimously pass a pair of bills to allow for a homestead tax credit if the gas tax is raised. Democrats pushed for the bills as a way to offset higher fees for the state's poorest people.

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