Lugnuts Opening Game

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The Lugnuts Baseball season is now underway. More than 8,000 fans came to watch the first game of the season at Oldsmobile Park Thursday evening. And according to Lugnuts Marketing Director, Valerie Claus, the home games help the local economy.

"We have people come from Mount Pleasant, Jackson, Saginaw, and Midland. These people come out here for dinner and drinks too, not just the game. Plus they have to pay for parking."

The team has extended their lease with the city until 2020. Currently the Lugnuts are in the top 20 minor-league teams in the country for fan attendance. General Manager Jeff Calhoun says the numbers will help with the original objective of the ballpark.

"We brought it to downtown Lansing to help stimulate the economy. And it will continue to grow."

The Lugnuts are currently scheduled for 70 home games. For more information on the season schedule or ticket sales log on to