Black Leader Calls for Racial Response

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Reverend Columbus Clayton asks that the sheriff department come forward and begin dialogue with the black community.

He says every young, black male who may have fit a description Sgt. Lutz allegedly gave was in danger these past two weeks. He says old feelings of distrust are back, and Eaton County must act. He says he'd like a representative to come before them and disassociate the organization with the attitudes and actions of Sgt. Lutz.

Eaton County released a statement.

"The Eaton County Sheriff's Office is deeply concerned about the message that yesterday's events sent to the members of our community. At no time is racial bias tolerated at the Sheriff's Office. The public must not have their confidence in law enforcement shaken by the acts of any individual. It was, after all, members of law enforcement who uncovered the truth in this incident."