Eaton County Sgt. Charged

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You'll recall the manhunt, a six-hour search in the early hours of March 20 for a man described as a 25-year-old black male. Lutz said he was patrolling behind buildings in Delta Township when he was shot in the shoulder.

Monday, the prosecutor says he shot himself as well as his vehicle. He's charged with two felonies, each carrying a four-year possible sentence, and two misdemeanors.

Lutz's attorney won't discuss the truth of the allegation but he says Lutz is suffering from some sort of mental stress. G. Michael Hocking says he was the victim of a shooting 1996 and also the shooter in a hostage situation at the Red Robin restaurant in 2004. Hocking says he never recovered. He's in a treatment facility right now.

Lutz won't be arrested until he's released from that facility.