College Hopes Equestrian Clinic Will Bring More Investors

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Albion College along with the Midwest Dressage Association recently hosted an Equestrian Clinic with a world-renown rider. Equestrian Lisa Wilcox is a 2004 Olympic medalist. This past weekend she taught more than 500 people how to master dressage or the ballet between horse and rider. Although the college has hosted other clinics, Wilcox is the biggest name to ever teach at the school.

George Halkett is the Director of the Equestrian Program at Albion College. He says hosting Wilcox's clinic will bring recognition to the area. And he hopes investors will be interested in the school's program and facilities. Because he'd like to add on to the center, so the college can host future horse shows and bring money to the community.

"When we have horse shows here, we'll be bringing thousands of people to the horse shows. And they aren't just one or two days. It could be weeks or even a month. As you know Albion's not the strongest with restaurants and hotels. But as more and more people come here, more and more restaurants and hotels will open."

The college's equestrian center is currently raising money to build a bigger facility. They hope to have it completed within the next 5 years.