Blood Infuser

Quite possibly the youngest heart surgeon in the country, 31-year-old Dr. Richard Cartledge invented a device he is now developing for the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

He devised a very small infusion pump to quickly get units of blood into an injured patient.

Dr. Cartledge says the device could run any rate of bleeding to keep somebody alive until his or her injuries can be repaired. It's a shoebox-sized device called the Cartledge infuser and it can pump blood in at about a liter and a half a minute. He says it's warm, safe and easy to use. It can also be taught to nearly anyone in about five minutes.

There are other rapid infusers on the market but they are large and most need someone trained to use it.

Dr. Cartledge has received two multi-million dollar appropriations from the federal government.

He's also working on a system to repair heart valves without surgery.

The Cartledge infuser is still in development and is six to eight months away from being ready for the military to use.