BAMN Calls on Governor Granholm to Step In

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Hundreds march to the Capitol Friday to object a state Supreme Court ruling which allows an affirmative action proposal to stay on the November ballot. Wednesday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled it will not hear an appeal on the case.

The group "BAMN" or By Any Means Necessary, alleges the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, the group backing the proposal, tricked people into signing petitions that got the proposal on the ballot. The proposal, if passed, would ban certain affirmative action programs in Michigan.

Friday, members of "BAMN" and hundreds of high school and middle school students, bussed in from the Detroit area, called on Governor Jennifer Granholm to step in and take the proposal off of the ballot.

A lawyer from the Governor's Office collected petitions "BAMN" has collected, it's now up to the Governor to respond.