National Sleep Awareness Week

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In a society that is constantly on the go, many people find it hard to relax and get a quality amount of shut-eye. According the National Institutes of Health about 10 percent of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia. And pulmonologist Dr. Arshad Abbasi says it can be a problem.

"People don't function well during the day. There's an increase in motor vehicle accidents. People's job performance goes down."

Another sleep disorder affecting millions of Americans is sleep apnea. The NIH says 12 million people nationwide are diagnosed with the disease. And because it causes people to stop breathing during the middle of the night, pulmonologist Dr. C.M. Gera says it can lead to other health complications.

"Consequences include high blood pressure, increased heart disease, congestive heart failure, and higher incidence of stroke."

Doctors say its important to see an expert if you are suffering from either disorder. For more information on sleep disorders, log on to