Forensic Testimony

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Even nine months into this investigation, much of the possible blood and fluid evidence in this case hasn't been tested.

We heard Wednesday and Thursday from Ann Gordon, a forensic scientist with the Michigan State Police Crime Lab. She's in charge of the analysis of a number of suspected blood stains the lab collected samples of from the Hollands’ home.

She notes one area in the den near the TV that appears to have been cleaned-up with bleach or something like it. She also studied the hallway where Tim Holland says Lisa Holland bludgeoned Ricky with a hammer. Gordon found blood, but nothing indicative of major trauma.

"I found no evidence of splatter in the hallway," she told the court.

She also found no fingerprints on all of the three hammers seized from the Hollands’ home. She found suspected blood on one, but couldn't confirm it.

The prosecution will likely rest at the next date of the hearing, April 11. The defense will then get a chance for rebuttal.