Tim Holland's Jailhouse Conversation

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Prosecutors presented a taped conversation of Tim Holland speaking with his adoptive mother, his Aunt Arcie Holland, in a visiting room in the Ingham County Jail.

Though it's a tricky legal situation, this tape could be seen in court as Tim Hollands' confession.

"She just went nuts," he told his mother. He says he saw her yank Ricky out of his room and hit him on the head with a hammer, then saw "red stuff" around his mouth, t-shirt and bed."

Tim also described numerous ways he says Lisa abused their son, tying him up, depriving him of food, and on the day of his murder, forcing him to drink a giant-sized can of tomato soup. Beyond the allegations, he admits he dumped the body.

“You put him there?" his mother asked. "Yes," he says, “because she told me she'd kill the other kids. (crying)"

This tape can't be used as evidence against Lisa Holland because she wasn't present during the conversation to defend herself against the allegations. It will instead be used as evidence against her husband Tim.