Ricky Walked With Leash?

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Ricky Holland's one-time principal says he saw Lisa Holland leading her adoptive son with what he called a "strap lead" or some kind of leash. That was part of Tuesday morning's testimony in the preliminary hearing for Tim and Lisa Holland. The couple is accused of murdering their adoptive son last summer.

Randall Cook, principal at Frost Elementary School, testifies Tuesday about the two short weeks Ricky Holland attended his school as a second grader.

Cook says he took special notice of Ricky Holland because he'd heard from other Jackson Public School staff about problems they'd had with the Hollands when Ricky was in kindergarten and first grade.

He says he never noted physical abuse, but he thought things seemed "unusual."

He says Lisa Holland asked they withhold treats at school as punishment for things she said happened at home, and that she was extremely negative when talking about her son.

Under cross examination, he said he'd had only one meeting with Tim Holland, who participated in a meeting about Ricky, but did not speak. Defense attorneys emphasized he hadn't suspected abuse.