Therapy Helps with Voices in Your Head

While neuroscientists look for the cause of Schizophrenia in the brain, psychologists are looking for ways people can make sense of and deal with the voices they hear. But a new therapy in Britain seems to have the answer.

More than two million Americans are affected by Schizophrenia and often people who have this hear strange voices and think people are out to harm them.

Patients often go on and off medication because of the side effects. But a new therapy could help those who suffer. Philippa Garety treats Schizophrenics with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The therapy has people discuss what they are experiencing in a lot of detail and then helps them to explore alternate interpretations. Schizophrenics who combine such in-depth discussions and medication will have better results.

The Therapy could soon be available to people affected by Schizophrenia in the U.S. This approach is currently used in the U.S. for treatment of depression and anxiety. For more information visit