Getting Rid of Those Reading Glasses

The old saying goes, there are two things in life: death and taxes. Now there's one more, reading glasses.

Even with all the corrective surgeries to help your eyesight there's been nothing to get rid of them until now.

There are different theories, but the problem seems to be that the lens inside the eye is for some reason unable to expand enough to allow you to focus up close. Which is also called Presbyopia.

But now there is a new approach to return close up vision to those with "Mature" eyes.

It's a laser surgery but it is different from the Lasik type commonly used. The new surgery uses the laser to make eight superficial incisions in the scelra or white part of the eye. It allows the scelra to expand just enough to allow the lens to change shape.

Many of the patients after surgery were at 20/30 vision. After doing eye exercises, six weeks later they were at 20/20 vision uncorrected.

The longest follow up till now is about two years with this procedure and so far the correction seems to be stable and holding.