Lansing Mayor Releases Budget Balancing Recommendations

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Facing an $11 million deficit, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero releases his budget balancing recommendations.

Bernero wants to reduce city jobs by 56, but only 34 are actually filled right now and the rest are vacancies. Police and fire positions would remain at current staffing levels.

Bernero also suggests no longer funding city golf courses as well as selling the Waverly and Red Cedar courses. Potter Park Zoo has also been targeted. Bernero wants to either reduce staff or seek regional funding by way of a county wide special millage.

Bernero wants to keep funding Oldsmobile Park, the Lansing Center and the Lansing City Market. He also suggests targeting red tagged homes and hiring more people to collect on code enforcement violations.

All of the recommendations have been made without increasing taxes or dipping into rainy day reserves.

Bernero will present his list to council members Monday.