Accused Killer "Unfit" for Trial

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The court's decided Leonard James Westervelt is incompetent to stand trial.

He's accused of stabbing Jessica Fear 16 times at a Fowlerville Sunoco in 2003. The doctor who examined him says he hears voices and suffers from delusions.

He's been sent to a mental hospital with the hope he can be rehabilitated in time for trial. Westervelt's attorney says he won't be surprised if this incompetency finding is eventually overturned.

"He's pled not guilty, he will continue to plead not guilty," Joe Brehler says. He says they will continue to expect a trial.

Westervelt will be examined for 14 months before the incompetency designation becomes more permanent.

Jessica Fear's father, Stephen Fear, says he thinks these delusions may be an act, but he is content to wait for justice to run its course.