Could Your Diet Cure Your Depression?

Can your diet change your mood? Some people think so and some think it could even cure depression.

Researcher and the author of "The Mood Cure," Julia Ross say people who swap the junk food diet for one that is rich in protein and take supplements can help the brain's activity.

During a patients brain scan it showed a low level of Seratonin, considered a natural anti-depressant. But after a year and a half, switching to a protein rich diet and supplements, the scan showed almost no deficiency.

The four supplements Ross recommends taking are Gabs which is a natural tranquilizer, 5 HTP believed to act as an anti-depressant, DLPA to raise endorphin levels and the natural stimulant Tyrosene.

A study in The Journal of Molecular Psychiatry backed Ross's claims. It found 98 of 100 volunteers reporting depression, lack of energy or lack of concentration noted symptoms were gone just two weeks after switching to Ross's therapy.

But Doctor's say it is dangerous to start taking "Brain Supplements" without seeing a doctor first.